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If you’re one of those people who like buying gadgets from new shops in the internet, then you must have heard of Oppo A15. It is one of the latest gadgets which is available in the market and is quite popular amongst youngsters. You must have also seen a lot of people talking about it on social media. The reason behind such fame is its unique feature of allowing you to transfer your music collection from your phone to its internal memory through Wi-Fi.

Use Oppo A15 that has a huge storage of 32GB which enable you to store your valuable files in less hassle. This smartphone also runs on ColorOS 7.1 based on android 10 operating system. It comes with top-of-the-line headphone jack, dual-audio support, USB OTG port, expandable memory card and some other features that are really useful for any android user. Some of the highlights of this handset are highlighted in the next lines. Read on to know how good Oppo A15 is in all aspects.

Features- If you have seen many smartphones in the market, then you would notice that the A series is quite different from others due to its unique features. This smartphone comes with many exciting functionalities including advanced technology which allows you to do multitasking with just a single tap. You can shoot the video with the camera which comes with front-facing camera as well. This amazing feature of Oppo A15 gives you an easy access to get the best out of your smartphone. The advanced oppo a15 octa-core mediatek processor along with the Samsung lite visual engine gives you better performance while shooting the video.

Battery- One of the biggest complaints about smartphone makers was the poor battery life of their models. But the Oppo A series has solved this issue. It offers you an extended battery life of about twenty-five hours so you do not need to hunt for a replacement battery after charging the handset for the required period. Another impressive feature of this smartphone is that it supports dual-data as well as dual- SIM connectivity which enables you to connect to a particular network and place your order using a handset other than your own. This feature makes it an all in one smartphone which provides you versatility.

Camera – The camera of the Oppo A series is considered as one of the best in the smartphone industry. You can easily take photos of your friends and enjoy them with your family. The camera of the Oppo A series works with different camera applications such as Kodak EASYSHARE PRO or Sony Vegas. You can also enjoy high quality videos and stills with the help of four different recording modes including Mini, HD, Super and Time.

Video camera – The second biggest complaint against smartphones by users is their slow performance while shooting video clips. But the quality of the images taken by the Oppo A series is top notch which belies the slow video recording speed of its predecessors. The device has a 2-megapixel camera which works well in capturing clear images. You can get the best quality images even in lower resolution with the help of an appropriate image enhancing software that you can download from the internet.

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